What separates Scott Auch from the crowd is the marriage of the creative and technical expertise he brings to any project. Left and right brain merge to produce a rare and visually compelling style that can simplify and entertain. Yet he is not, as many in the field are, limited to a particular look or niche, which provide clients with an impressive range of options. From the most intrinsic technical drawings to a simple logo, Scott’s arsenal of creative solutions is always effective.

For over 25 years he has gained a solid reputation with a wide variety of businesses, the breadth of which has afforded an unusually diverse portfolio and an increasingly strategically-driven perspective. Not content to simply execute what is asked of him, Scott will often bring his experience into the planning process resulting in superior solutions.

His perfectionism means that you never have to worry about the quality of his work. Even if sometimes he is tinkering with minutiae as a project is on its way to a client!